We are Sinowe. Our main sourcing office is located in Shanghai, China. There are a number of ways to contact us. We want you to be as comfortable talking to us as if we were right next door by joom. We will return an answer on every inquiry quickly.

SinoWorld Exporters, LTD
Email us at [email protected]

301 Bao Yuan Road,
Building # 2, Suite # 401
Zha Bei District,
Shanghai China 200071
Tel: 21-5631-9155
Fax: 21-5631-9161

Instant Message User Name:
AOL, Yahoo, MSN: " WrldExprt "
ICQ # 143 462 349

Phone: (86) 021-6654-4935
Fax: (86) 021-5631-9161

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Note: Our customers are buyers of wholesale product who want to have products of their choice manufactured to specification and imported direct to their dock. To make the price competitive and shipping worthwhile, we seldom work in quantities less than 1000 pieces. Take this into consideration when making an inquiry.

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